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Jongejans develops extraction systems for the wood processing, steel and food sectors. The wide range of applications for which the extraction systems are used is due to the fact that Jongejans Luchttechniek can place itself in the customer’s shoes. It ultimately boils down to an optimal production process for our customers and extraction plays an important role therein. Using extraction effectively, and at the right points, prevents machinery breaking down, creates healthier working conditions and saves energy.

Effective extraction will help you get the most out of your business! 


Fresh air in an instant

With a Jongejans extraction system clean air is always at hand. We have the right size extraction system for every business. This means you can always count on clean and agreeable working conditions. Our powerful and durable systems mean you can rest assured your production room will be compliant with all requirements, for years!

Dust and sawdust extraction

The continuity of your production process and the health of your employees largely depend on your extraction system. Jongejans focuses on your production process and recommends an extraction system that is perfectly tailored to your specific set-up.

Welding fumes extraction

Steel constructors, construction and mechanisation firms, machine constructors and welding and cutting businesses all have to cope with the increasing ARBO working conditions requirements related to welding fumes. As a supplier of welding fumes and cutting fumes extraction systems we know better than anyone how to tackle these kinds of problems. We can supply a customised solution for every budget. Welding fumes, cutting fumes etc. We have the solution!

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