Remote operation & service

A remote control with user friendly HMI (human machine interface) is placed at the production lines. This allows the installation to be switched on and off, check the status of the system, and to select which extraction lines will be used. The remote control panel also contains connections for various external signals, for example, an external operating or malfunction report. Signals for external start/stop can also be connected, so the extractions system works fully automatic with the production line. In some cases, we can apply bus communication with the control for the grading line. In this way we can always assure an optimal extraction solution.

The full color touch screen also provides insight into the various other components of the filter installation, such as detailed information of waste transport, the filter cleaning system.

The filter installation can be connected to the internet, so that Jongejans can immediately assist in solving any problems. It is also possible, of course after your permission, to collect various data about the filter installation. By logging various parameters, the condition of the
installation can be monitored. In this way, maintenance of the installation can be planned
preventively! Ask us for more info on remote operations and support.

En savoir plus?

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