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We care for clean air

Improve your company's performance

If dust or skins are released when processing or packaging your products, we have the solution. With the proper use of extraction, and installing it at the right points along your production line you can count on reduced machinery downtime, a dust-free work environment and your products will be visibly cleaner. Read more

Healthy work environment

Jongejans Luchttechniek produces clean air by extracting dust and endotoxins from agricultural products. This directly results in better working conditions for you and your employees. We continuously work on new, durable applications in order to guarantee clean air. Read more

We have the solution

Whatever your dust issue we have the solution. In our factory we can perfectly adapt all possible extraction systems to suit your particular set-up. This means you always have a system that provides you with the capacity you need. An extraction system by Jongejans will help you get the most out of your business! Read more

"Jongejans has supplied us the perfect extraction system"

Roland Gugger, Gugger - Guillod SA

"We are very satisfied with the Jongejans filter system!"

Stefan Harteis, Agropa Handels GmbH

"The extraction system has been functioning perfectly here for years!"

Thomas Esser, Hans-Willi Böhmer Verpackung und Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Jongejans Dust collectors team

With over 35 employees, spread across the Netherlands and the US, we work as one team on extraction solutions for our customers on a daily basis. Each one applies his or her own expertise with a common goal in mind: creating healthier working conditions and cleaner agricultural products. Check out what we do at Jongejans Luchttechniek.


More effective packaging with extraction

Jongejans extraction systems are specially designed to remove onion skins from packaging machines with packages of 250 to 2,500 grams. Less dust and skins mean that the machines can continue to operate without breakdowns and that clippers do not jam. Because all onions are weighed correctly, the profit of suction is: cleaner products with a higher final yield!

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Dutch company has a total solution for potato sorting dust

In the past, you’d get your hands dirty while sorting potatoes. Nowadays, during this process, a cloud of fine dust drifts through the air like a grey mist. This is released in large quantities during fully automatic sorting.

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Christopher Ranch

In January 2019 a successful install was completed at Christopher Ranch company in the Garlic capitol of the world, Gilroy, CA. These four air systems combined, efficiently extract the dust, skins and other waste from the garlic processing facility.

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