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  • A Dust-free workspace
    Thanks to our extraction systems

Agra cyclone

A special fan extracts the dust and skins and blows them into the cyclone. The cyclone is an ideal system for separating dust and skins from the air. The waste is discharged from the bottom of the cyclone and falls into the waste container. If a cellular wheel sluice is also installed below the cyclone, the waste can also be discharged onto a conveyor belt. The filtered air, which is 95% clean, is discharged overhead through the flue. The cyclone is made from Sendzimir galvanised sheet steel and will last for many years. The cyclone frame is hot-dip galvanised. The cyclones are available in several types with different extraction capacities.

Agra Cyclojet

The cyclo-jet is a filter system that separates extracted agricultural dust and skins from the air. The integrated cartridge filters, which are cleaned by compressed air, completely clean the extracted air before feeding it back into the processing room. This prevents heat from being lost and saves energy. Dust and skins are discharged from the bottom of the cyclo-jet and fall into a waste container, or are discharged onto a conveyor belt. The entire system is made from galvanised material to ensure a it lasts for years. The filters are cleaned automatically. This guarantees optimum extraction capacity at all times.

Agra PGF filter

The PGF is a filter system used to extract agricultural dust. The unit consists of several extremely quiet, high-efficiency extraction fans and filters that are automatically cleaned with compressed air. This ensures the PGF maintains its suction force. The clean, filtered air is fed back into the room. This means the heat is retained in the room. If required, the dust can be collected in small rolling containers or in a large tilting container. The PGF series is available with several extraction capacities to provide the perfect solution for any set-up.

Mobile units

The mobile extraction unit can be flexibly configured to suit your production line. You can use this unit wherever dust or skins need to be extracted. You can connect the unit to one or two extraction nozzles on your production line, depending on the width of your belts. The unit is also easy to move and is extremely quiet. Waste is collected in plastic bags, which are part of the initial delivery. The Variochief can be fitted with filter bags (that need to be manually cleaned) or with cartridge filters that can be cleaned automatically.

Chain filter

The PGKF filter system was developed for large agricultural companies. It extracts dust and skins. This unit consists of several extremely quiet extraction fans and compressed air filters that are cleaned automatically using compressed air. This ensures optimum suction force is maintained. The capacity can be adjusted variably and is automatically configured to suit your requirements. A special chain is located in the lower section of this system. The chain ensures that the extracted waste is taken to one point where it is deposited into a waste container or a compactor. The filtered air is clean and can be fed back into the room. This prevents heat from being lost and saves energy. Several models of the PGKF chain filter are available.


Windshifting is to be installed at a location in the line where the produce drops, usually in the receiving area. The technique works by blowing air with a high velocity air-knife through the product flow, extraction the dust ands skins on the other side. This ‘push and pull’ principal increases the amount of skins that are extracted from the product flow and reduces the waste and dust in the rest of your line!

Seal smoke extraction

Wanneer u verpakkingsmachines in uw gebouw heeft, zult u de geur van seal rook als geen ander kennen en … er waarschijnlijk ook zo snel en goed mogelijk van af willen komen!
Om seal rook goed uit de ruimte te filteren, moet het afzuigsysteem daar dan ook speciaal voor zijn ontworpen.

Positive pressure systems

Dust-free working!

By creating positive pressure in the sorting room, the dust disappears from the environment without swirling: the dust is pressed down like a blanket by the fresh outside air. A heating element ensures a pleasant temperature in the winter.

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