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  • Rigorous extraction

  • Working in a healthy environment

Visibly cleaner flower bulbs

Processing flower bulbs results in a lot of dust and skins being released. The skins delay the bulbs' drying process. Moreover, your customers expect a cleaner product.

The circulating dust is bad for the health of your employees. A properly functioning extraction system is essential in this respect.

An extraction system that is not only configured for packaging or processing flower bulbs, but also to the situation that applies at your business; in short: a customised solution.


Agra cyclone now also based on underpressure

In addition to the traditional cyclone Jongejans Luchttechniek in Den Helder now also has an underpressure cyclone. A new development that offers a number of advantages. There are also labour-saving solutions for collecting waste. Read more about the Agra Cyclone

Extraction at the right points

Extraction only works if it is applied at the right point. We provide advice about the correct extraction points and custom-build the extraction nozzles and dust hoods for your specific set-up. This enables you to achieve optimal yields from your line. After all, dust is not only bad for the health, but also for your machinery’s performance. Therefore a properly configured extraction system also contributes to the operational reliability of your entire processing line.

Filter system with compactor

The PGKF filter system was developed for large flower bulb firms. The unit consists of several extremely quiet extraction fans and compressed air filters that are automatically cleaned using compressed air. Optimal extraction power is always maintained while the capacity is automatically aligned to your requirements.

Dopjes afzuigen

Doormiddel van de juiste afzuigtechniek kunnen de hoedjes/dopjes zeer efficiënt worden weggenomen. Volledige arbeidsbesparing en nauwkeurigheid zijn de redenen waarom onze klanten in de broeierijen hiervoor kiezen.


Naast de reguliere afzuigtechnieken denken we ook graag mee met andere toepassingen. In het voorbeeld hierboven ziet u een kopmachine voorzien van cyclonen. U kunt altijd contact met ons opnemen als u wilt dat we mee denken bij uw verwerking.

More information?

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