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Seal smoke extraction

When you have packing machines inside your building, you will know the smell of the seal smoke like no other and… most likely want to get rid of it in the best possible way!

To extract this seal smoke, the extraction system should be especially designed for it’s task. Over the years, we installed systems to extract seal smoke at all kinds of packing machines.
We’ve learned the following: seal smoke is very greasy, it blocks up very easily!
When seal smoke is extracted in combination with dust it will stick to the piping. This is why we extract the smoke separately and developed a special fan for seal smoke. This fan is installed inside your building with a small pipe going outside, this fan doesn’t block up as any other extraction fan will!

The capacity is key; too little and you’ll have the result your having, too much and you’ll cool down the heating elements that seal the bags. The diameters of the piping have to be thoroughly calculated, the speed of the seal smoke through the piping has to be at least 20 meter per second. Furthermore, the piping has to be smooth and connected on the outside, otherwise it will start a blockage.

When it comes to seal smoke extraction, you can count on the solutions of Jongejans!
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