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Lovely, clean onions without any skins (husk)

Onions give off a lot of dust at the beginning of the process, when being sorted and packaged. Jongejans knows exactly how to tackle this dust and skin issue, based on years of experience with a great many business relations. Jongejans Luchttechniek advises you about the right extraction points so you obtain a cleaner product. Extraction nozzles and dust hoods are custom-made for each set-up. After all, dust is not only bad for the health, but also for your machinery's performance. Therefore a properly configured extraction system also contributes to the operational reliability of your entire onion processing line. By effectively tackling the dust problem you will soon save a great deal of time, convenience and money.

Proper extraction improves your machinery's performance reduces the amount of dust in the workspace and results in cleaner onions.

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Extraction essential for optical onion sorting and potato packaging

Extraction for your sorting process

Jongejans’ extraction systems are installed worldwide. From the US to Australia, onion processors and packers rely on the Jongejans extraction systems. Read more on this topic on


Packaging line extraction

Onions give off a lot of dust during the packaging process. Packaging machinery is encapsulated and underpressure is created to prevent dust circulating. If extraction nozzles are installed at the right point above the conveyor belt any loose onion skins will be extracted. So you can rest assured that nothing but clean onions will end up being packaged. Take a look above at the points at which extraction is used on an onion packaging line.

Agra Cyclo-jet: solution for dust and skins

The Agra Cyclo-jet was specially designed to extract and filter onion skins. The cyclone is fitted with special filters so that extracted air is cleaned and fed back into the processing room. This method means no energy is lost and the warm air is retained. The Cyclo-jet is also extremely quiet and the system complies with environmental requirements. Read more

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