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Dust? Skins? Endotoxins? Our filters will solve it!

Many Dutch seed companies are counted among the best in the world due to their innovation, knowledge and ingenious processing systems. Jongejans’ contribution involves minimising dust, colourants and harmful endotoxins. Our knowledge of dust filtration and fluid dynamics enables us to jointly work on a dust-free processing method.

Proper extraction improves your machinery’s performance, reduces the amount of dust in the workplace and results in cleaner products

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As well as to your system's maintenance!

Is one of your extraction systems performing below par? Or does your system miss power at specific points? New or revamped machines or an adjustment to the set-up may have left your system failing to align perfectly to the new situation, therefore causing underperformance. A capacity issue can usually be rectified with some simple adjustments. By, for example, reconfiguring the pipework or adjusting the position of the extraction nozzles. Ask us to pay you a visit and we will optimise your system in the shortest possible time frame!

Invest in your employees' health

Bacteria live on agricultural products and release poisonous endotoxins. These substances are not only released when the products are being harvested, but also during transportation, processing and transshipment. Using effective extraction in your processing rooms means that these harmful substances no longer have any chance of getting into your lungs. Therefore, investing in a good extraction system also means investing in your health and that of your employees!

Extraction at the right point

Jongejans Luchttechniek advises you about the right extraction points so you obtain dust-free seeds. Extraction nozzles and dust hoods are custom-made for each set-up. After all, dust is not only bad for the health, but also for your machinery’s performance. Therefore a properly configured extraction system also contributes to the operational reliability of your entire processing line.

More information?

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