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Extraction during potato processing

Fine dust is released when processing and storing potatoes. The right extraction system for your machines will make them less likely to break down and you will improve working conditions. By encapsulating the storage bunkers, sorting and packaging machines dust sources will be screened off, preventing any nuisance.

PGF filter system

The Compressed Air Cleaned Filter System is a dust extraction filter system used to extract agricultural dust (not skins) and is ideal for the potato sector. Read more

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Extraction at potato processing

Potato processing with effective extraction: a breath of fresh air

Creating overpressure in the inspection unit eliminates the dust without creating vortices in the vicinity: the dust is forced downwards by the fresh external air like an ‘air blanket’. In the winter a heating unit provides a more comfortable temperature.


Dust? Endotoxins? Our filters offer the solution!

Bacteria live on agricultural products and release poisonous endotoxins. These substances are not only released while the products are being harvested, but also during transportation, processing and transshipment. Using effective extraction in your processing rooms means that these harmful substances no longer have any chance of getting into your lungs. Therefore, investing in a good extraction system also means investing in your health and that of your employees!

Screening off dust sources

Dust extraction is an important precondition for creating good working conditions. Encapsulating storage bunkers and sorting and packaging machines screens off major sources of dust. This results in reduced absenteeism due to illness and improves your machinery’s performance.

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