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  • Clean onions, without skins

We care for clean air

"From the moment they measured and drew the installation, you can tell that they are the absolute extraction experts"

Marco Mol, Aardappelhandel Mol BV

"Jongejans has supplied us the perfect extraction system"

Roland Gugger, Gugger - Guillod SA

"We are very satisfied with the Jongejans filter system!"

Stefan Harteis, Agropa Handels GmbH

"The extraction system has been functioning perfectly here for years!"

Thomas Esser, Hans-Willi Böhmer Verpackung und Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG


Windshifting at clipping

During a trial at one of our biggest customers we’ve installed this windshifting principal on one of their two clippers.

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Extraction essential for optical sorting and packaging

Jongejans provides solution for potatoes and onions at German processor Groka 

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Potato processor Mol: clean air is essential

At nineteen drop points in the sorting, packing and weighing line of the new location Aardappelhandel Mol BV in Westmaas, fine dust is extracted.

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