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Leo de Kock is ready for the future

At AG retail partner Leo de Kock in Purmerend, automation and professionalization are of high priority. To take a step forward in optimizing and improving product handling, Leo de Kock invested in a fully automated box-unloading line on the infeed side (the starting point of potato processing), as well as a big bag unloading system and a box-filler. As a result, the potato processing capacity increased.

Unfortunately, the dust also became even more visible and noticeable as more potatoes were processed. All investments made by Leo de Kock are focused on the future. Of course, the health of the personnel is an important factor for them.

In response to the dust problem, Leo de Kock approached the agricultural dust specialist and together we began to work out the ideal solution. By using a set number of machines that are extracted at all times, combined with different parts of the line that are only extracted during certain operations, a flexible solution was created that runs efficiently at all times.

Because the specially developed PGF installation (compressed air cleaned filter installation, in which the filter cartridges are cleaned by compressed air) automatically adjusts the rpm to the demand of the number of open extraction points, the machine is also more economical in its use of energy. This means that the installation itself determines the required rpm, based on the number of active extraction points. The impact on the filters is therefore minimal.

The fully filtered air is returned to the processing area, which makes the processing of the potatoes in the winter months comfortable for the employees. The PGF installation extracts the contaminated air, which is at working temperature, and returns it filtered and warm.

The photos below were taken before and after the installation, clearly showing the isolation of the dust sources. By tackling the dust problem from the source, it is solved as efficiently as possible.

We are proud that we can add Leo de Kock to our long list of references and that we were able to supply our installation on this efficient, future-oriented line.

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