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More effective packaging with extraction

Small packaging as a specialty

The Swiss company, Gugger-Guillod SA, supplies its clients year-round. That’s with yellow, red, and white onions and shallots. “Business is very good this season,” says owner Roland Gugger. “The year is characterized by the fact that most of our products are supplied to supermarkets. This reinforces the already increasing demand from the retail sector for ever-smaller packaging.”

Supermarkets mostly get these onions in 250g, 500g, and 1 kg packs. Last year, the company invested in automating its packaging line. And, combined with its optical sorting line, Gugger-Guillod now has a fully automated process.

Dust and skin extraction is essential in the packaging process

“Smaller packaging equals more operations in the packaging process. A packaging line that runs non-stop has therefore become even more important. The Elisam sorting line has included the Jongejans extraction system for many years. So Jongejans was involved in the packaging line’s layout from early on. The system is incorporated in the line. It’s done in such a way that it extracts dust and skins at all the crucial points,” says Roland.

Jongejans installed two stationary SU-300 units and a “Variochief” extraction system. “We placed an extractor right before and especially right after the weigher. So, Gugger-Guillod achieves a much better result. Clipping the nets works better because there are no skins among them. The onions are packed much cleaner, without dust and skins. That’s an added advantage,” explains Jesse Vonk of Jongejans.

The last remaining loose onion skins can also be extracted. That considerably reduces the clipping’s error margin. That means a better working machine, more packs per hour, and less repair work.

As with all onion processors, Gugger is proud of each batch of onions his company packs nice and neatly. “I’m delighted with Jongejans extraction system. It exceeds our expectations in terms of noise. It improves the air quality for our staff too,” concluded Roland.

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